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BOOK Life Balance Wellness Center Create A One Of A Kind Special Event Spa Experience For You or Your Tribe.  We specialize in themed Spas Parties for Special Events for Corporate Weekends & Office Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Celebrations, Graduations, and more. Enjoy one or multiple days at our LBWC Travel Spa & Wellness Experience.  We provide on-site massages and reflexology for your next awesome event. 



LET LBWC bring the Spa Party to you!

We make every occasion memorable.

A day at the spa is costly and going with your tribe is so much fun!

You can even do this with children from home or from a corporate office. BOOK LBWC to create a Spa Party from your own location. You will have an amazing time as we create a theme for the party and getting your family to colleagues involved, too!

Invite a dozen people and each friend can bring things to share. For instance, one person could bring fresh produce, the other your favorite playlist or favorite recipe, and so on. Top off your memorable spa experience with delectable healthy desserts and aromatic teas, tonics and elixirs.  Experience the benefits of herbal antioxidants.  You deserve a wonderful Spa Party. 

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Each guest will receive samples from our vendors and partners that make up the gift bags.

Food, Wellness, and The Spa industry make billions of dollars each year.  In every marketplace worldwide, you will find a food court or wellness and spa aisle.  Each Spa Party package is tailor-made especially for you with a variety of spa and wellness products and services to enhance your life. 

No matter what type Spa Party package you choose, be sure to know we will come to you to ensure your experience is absolutely remarkable.  Get your tribe together and relax.  We’ve got you covered when you need a break.  



LBWC is honored to offer a better way to uplift ourselves and offers a way to  rejuvenate AND truly brand new!


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LBWC is honored to offer a better way to uplift ourselves feel rejuvenated and truly brand new!

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