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Level UP Families

Level Up Families- This is a 8 weeks comprehensive  prevention plan program to help families with children age group 3-12 that wants to get their entire family to reach their optimal level in the four pillars of health utilizing the L.E.A.N program based upon scientific research and designed by Dr William Sears.


Level UP Prime Time Adults & Seniors

This program is a scientifically proven plan for feeling young and living longer. It is focused for all audiences of these 3 groups, those who are in the prevent mindset, those who are in repair mode, and adult children who want to give the gift of health to their own parents. This is a 12 weeks session


Level Up Essentials

The program is designed for parents with children ages 3-12. This is an introductory session for parents who are unable to commit to an 8 weeks sessions or uncertain about the concept of nutrition. This is a one-time session and designed to take no more than 90 minutes. This is fast- paced and highly inter-active session completed through eCoaching/eVideoChat .



Acronym for LEVEL UP

L- LIVITY ( This is a discovery of how we live and the way of existence .. Lifestyle in Abundance and Spiritual Awakening
E- Energy How much we move our action and physical well-being for ourselves and others
V- Vitality ( A change that will give renewed vitality and Heighten our Horizons
E-Elevate ( How to elevate and activate our spiritual gift so that we find a home with our purpose )
L- Love ( When we meet at the four-point cross-road and learn to unload forgive, let go, love and start truly living our best life)
U- Upliftment ( How we not only seek to uplift ourselves but for upliftment for others along our path & throughout our journey as we give back and pay it forward)
P- Persevere ( How we prepare, protect, preload, and eliminate panicking from pressured vibrations as we persevere and sail forward

what’s offered?

You will receive books and supplies, recipes, support and more!


We will be utilizing the Dr. William Sears L.E.A.N Start program over the course of six (8) weeks a total of eight sessions, 1-hour sessions each session.  We will focus on the four pillars of establishing and maintaining a healthier way of healing and revitalizing a balanced diet and applying the LEVEL UP lifestyle.

The four pillars are:

  • Lifestyle- How we live
  • Exercise- How we move
  • Attitude- The way we think
  • Nutrition- The way we eat
The program consist of 8 weeks of content:
  • Session One- Traffic Light Eating & Portion Control
  • Session Two- Brainy Breakfast & Healthy Carbs
  • Session Three- Fruits & Veggies Session
  • Four- Skinny Fat & Fast Food Facts
  • Session Five- Power Up with Protein & Play
  • Session Six- Watering your body
  • Session Seven- What’s in my Water?
  • Session Eight- Introductory Meditation –“Special Guest” in(Streamed Live” private group social media forum or invited venue for those in the Travel SPA location)