Hi I’m Amber a mom of 7! I have been looking to change my eating habits after my last baby. It as been difficult to remain health conscious during quarintine. These last few months have been quite overwhelming for me like many Americans, I have been practicing social distancing. In weeks many people such as myself have been experiencing a total lifestyle change from losing employment to shifting to a work at home environment. I wont be ashamed to admit to being a very emotional eater so i gained 12 pounds! Seems like I literally begin to snack and lounge out of pure boredom.

Like many others I just seem to turn to food in these scary times. You may say 12 pounds, that is nothing. Yet due to my height its everything 200 pounds on a 5′ frame is very dangerous and considered morbidly obese. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2015-2016, 93.3 Million American adults and 13.7 million American Children and teens are clinically diagnosed with obesity. And in uncertain times as these you can bet those numbers are rising, unless you go through a life changing moment , mine just happened to be the scale.

Learning to incorporate an overall healthier lifestyle is very important in times as these. Weather its swapping out those chips for almonds there are new taste and textures you will begin to soon look forward to. I pretty much am a few pounds down already thanks to the Juice Plus and tuning my diet and workout regimen. I enjoy the small achievements of eating healthier when i noticed the small differences my body has made with consistent clean eating as well as sticking to my work outs! I am so excited to share my story with you guys and look forward to sharing my weightloss experience! In the next several weeks I will be opting to non invasive treatments which I also cant wait to share more with you. Before my procedure I have several milestones to reach I am super excited about this journey and I am literally in a fight for my life and I refuse to return back to the over eating because in just a short time I have great results. I can’t wait to spill my secrets to you😊.

Until We chat again I encourage you to grab a diary Its Major !! And I will check 👀 …. Please stay safe in these times.💕- A.L.L.

” I deserve and accept perfect health now” – 7 Day mantra